Touchless foot sanitizers for high traffic areas

Sanitize your hands without making contact.


Touchless Sanitizer Foot Pumps with bottle provides an easy way for visitors and staff to sanitize without touching the sanitizer bottle. This is the most effective way to make sure traffic coming in and out your office is taking precautionary measures. Choose between two types.

5l foot dispenser exec

5l Executive Plus Foot Dispenser

The 5L Executive Plus Touchless Foot Dispenser is made for high traffic areas.

Ensure your vistors and staff are sanitized before entering your premises with this robust foot dispenser.

Stainless Steel Touchless Floor Dispenser

If you looking for a touchless floor dispenser thats classy, modern, robust and is made from quality material, then the stainless steel touchless floor dispenser is for you.

stainless steel wall dispenser
high traffic touchless dispenser

High traffic touchless foot pump dispenser

Purchase the SaniChoice  touchless foot pump dispenser for high traffic work and office areas. The unit is durable for high traffic areas and ensures your staff and visitors are sanitized before entering your premises.

Touchless Sanitiser Foot Pump with bottle

Our robust touchless sanitizing unit is made for offices, factories and work areas, where people can easily sanitize their hands without touching anything.

Touchless Sanitiser Foot Pump office


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